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2020 BC Autism Awards: Shortlist

October 7, 2022
The shortlist for the BC Autism Awards 2020 is here! Thank you for nominating your Everyday Autism Heroes. Their dedication and passion for the autism […]

Nicole Provost

March 4, 2024
“By being different, by having the specific set of skills and challenges that YOU alone possess, you are the best one to invent that new […]

Emma Smith and Pride

October 7, 2022
I strongly prefer identity-first language (i.e., Autistic person). To me, that is putting the person first, because autism informs every aspect of who I am. […]

SF Walker

October 7, 2022
 SF is a musician, home cook and lover of cats. SF has worked for the Pacific Autism Family Network since March 2016. She works as […]

Growing up Without a Diagnosis: Rebekah Kintzinger

October 7, 2022
I didn’t always know I was autistic. I lived in a particularly small town in a decade when autism was not as forefront a topic […]
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