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Waiting for Assessment

Waiting for Assessment Workshop

June 19, 2024
If you are waiting for an autism assessment, this workshop is for you! Join us for a three-hour Waiting for Assessment workshop covering the essential […]

Preparing For Your Child’s Private Autism Assessment

May 10, 2024
Heading into an assessment can be an overwhelming experience for both caregivers and individuals on the spectrum. You may have waited a long time for the assessment and want to be as thorough as possible.

Next Steps After Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis

May 13, 2024
We’ve been there. Having been parents new to diagnosis ourselves at one time, we gathered some resources, directions, and tips that our former selves would […]

Waiting for Assessment

December 1, 2023
*This blog is written for parents and caregivers looking for autism assessment information for their child under age 18. For information and resources regarding adult […]

Autism Assessment in BC

May 28, 2024
Autism Assessment in BC In BC, there are publicly funded autism assessments available. They are done through the BC Autism Assessment Network, but a referral […]

Moving to BC and Finding Autism Support

May 18, 2023
Moving to BC? Autism programs, funding and supports available vary from province to province. If you are moving to British Columbia, these are some provincial […]
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