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Q&A: What would a life free from poverty enable you to do?

May 8, 2024
These answers show the transformative benefit of financial security, especially for people with disabilities in BC, who truly just want to be as happy and healthy as they can be.

Poverty, the Ladder Effect on the Autistic Community

April 24, 2024
If the economy is a ladder and the cost-of-living crisis has pushed everyone down a few rungs, then it’s grounded far too many autistic adults […]

Joni Oldhoff on Systemic and Intergenerational Poverty

April 16, 2024
We hear a lot about intergenerational trauma, but we rarely talk about the trauma of intergenerational poverty.

Why autistic adults are living in poverty & why it matters

April 4, 2024
AutismBC exists to empower autistic adults to live their best lives, which they can’t do while stuck in poverty.
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