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Our Beliefs

We empower, support, and connect the autism community in BC.

Our Vision

An inclusive society where people on the autism spectrum are living their best lives.

Our Mission

We empower, support, and connect the autism community in BC.

Our Values

Accessibility: We strive to provide barrier-free services to everyone, regardless of where they live in the province! We will do our best to accommodate everyone and make necessary adjustments to create an environment that works for everyone.  

Empowerment: We support community members by giving them the strength and tools they need to succeed. We view empowerment as the ability to make the best, informed decision for you and your life. 

Expertise: We share our lived experiences and evidence-informed knowledge with the entire autism community. We are a leader because “we get it and we’ve been there. 

Inclusivity: We create accepting and inviting environments and provide services for all abilities and identities. We want to help support the entire autism community, from people on the autism spectrum to their families and friends. 

Listening: We take the time to engage with our members and our community and to learn from their feedback. We are forever evolving thanks to our members.

Our Three Key Programming Areas

We divide our programming into three “pillars” which we view as “support pillars for life.”

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