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What is Autism Workshop

Creating Inclusive Communities

Would you like to learn how to better support someone on the autism spectrum? Would you like to make your business or place of work more inclusive by becoming more sensory-friendly? Our community inclusion autism training does just that! 

Over the course of an hour, participants learn how community members on the autism spectrum may experience the world with the goal of increasing autism awareness and acceptance.  

The world we want to see is one where community accommodations are commonplace, and community spaces are designed to support all neurotypes.

Our training is informed and developed by autism service providers, parents of children on the spectrum, and autistic self-advocates.

Self-Paced Online Autism Training Courses

In BC and Canada, there are various online self-paced learning modules available. These modules focus on specific workplaces or community spaces, offering valuable advice. Here are some high-quality, mostly free training modules.

Autism and Neurodiversity in the Workplace (UBC CIRCA) 
This program includes a series of six self-paced, interactive modules filled with useful activities and videos. The program is designed to assist human resource professionals, employers, supervisors, managers, co-workers, job coaches and counsellors, autistic employees, parents, students, and anyone interested in inclusive employment to learn practical strategies on how to support all employees to be successful on the job. 

Autism and Neurodiversity in Primary Care (UBC CIRCA)
This program includes two interactive modules designed to assist primary care providers to learn about the unique needs of their autistic patients and gain practical and useful strategies to adapt their practice to better serve this population. 

Autism and Neurodiversity in Early Child Care (UBC CIRCA) 
This program is designed to assist childcare providers, early childhood educators, preschool teachers, parents and anyone interested in inclusive childcare to learn practical strategies on how to support young children with developmental disabilities, including autism (diagnosed or undiagnosed) in the early childcare setting. In fact, the strategies presented in these modules can help any child thrive in their early years! 

Autism and Neurodiversity in Dentist Settings (UBC CIRCA)
This program is designed to assist Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Certified Dental Assistants, Dental Technicians, Denturists, Dental Therapists, Dental Office Staff and anyone interested in dentistry to learn practical and useful strategies on how to support autistic and neurodivergent clients of all ages in the dental setting. In fact, many of the strategies presented will help ALL clients have more successful dental visits. 

Supporting Autistic Mental Health in the Workplace (Autism Nova Scotia)
Supporting Autistic Mental Health in the Workplace is a free online, self-paced training course that introduces learners to mental health challenges that Autistic employees and job seekers often face in the workplace. The training focuses on practical strategies to support workplace mental health alongside autism acceptance. Other topics include identifying and responding to mental health emergencies and inclusive benefits. 

Autism Training Supporting Positive Behaviour in Sport (Canucks Autism Network)
Supporting Positive Behaviour focuses on managing group behaviour when working with kids of all abilities, particularly those who struggle with engagement in team environments and may have challenging behaviour. 
Autism Training for First Responders (Canucks Autism Network)
Individuals on the autism spectrum are 7x more likely to interact with First Responders than other members of the general public. This FREE module will provide First Responders with critical information for recognizing autism and keeping individuals on the autism spectrum safe. 
Autism Mental Health Literacy Project, AM-HeLP Guide (York University)
This project was a collaboration between York University and Centre for Mental Health and Addiction, and was supported by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The findings of the project are summarised in 6 animated video series produced by Spectrum Productions 

Parent Advice Videos (AutismBC and Aide Canada)
Parent Advice Videos are questions asked and answered by parents across Canada. This project was created and developed by Canadian parents from the autism community. 

Peer Advice Videos (Aide Canada)  
Peer Advice Videos are questions asked and answered by self-advocates across Canada. This project was created and developed by Canadian self-advocates from the autism community. 

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