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Everyone deserves a friend

AutismBC programs offer a chance for autistic kids  to build friendships that last a lifetime. 

We all need a friend in our corner and we all deserve a place to belong.

For autistic kids, it can be hard to make connections and way too easy to feel left out. AutismBC Social Clubs and Goes events offer a chance for autistic kids from every part of the province to build friendships that last a lifetime. By providing a space for these kids to be themselves, we can help them fulfill the basic human need of belonging.

We need your help.  

This holiday season, give the gift of friendship.

Help fund programs like Pokémon Club

Our social programs provide spaces where children can feel free and safe and thrive as their authentic selves. Where they are recognized by name, appreciated for their strengths, and celebrated for their individuality. Places where kids can have friends and feel they belong.

Everyone deserves a friend

AutismBC Social Programs are full to capacity regularly, and we need your help to keep them running.

We believe in the power of friendship to help bring hope and belonging to a child’s life. Your donation will fund accessible and inclusive social programs for autistic kids in every corner of the province to help build hope and belonging in a child’s life.

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