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AutismBC Highlights

Pokémon Juniors Club (Richmond)

July 10th, 2020


For Caregivers

Pokemon Club Jr is a social club supported by AutismBC and the Pacific Family Autism Network (PAFN).

This is an inclusive environment where young people age 6-16 are welcome to come and hang out and socialize about a shared passion.  Interested participants who are older than 16 are welcome as well as our volunteers / mentors!  The love of Pokemon knows no age limit!

Please note – this is not a structured social program and is not “therapy.”  Parent/Guardian supervision is required at all times.  

There is no cost for participation!  

We welcome neurodivergent and neurotypical participants.

Schedule is the first Saturday of every month, unless cancelled with advance notice to registered participants due to unavailability of the volunteer organizer.  Time is 3:00-5:00 pm.  

At Pokemon Club, you can expect at least one activity – such as a craft, or a game.  There will usually be a Pokemon show playing on the TV and a Pokemon Card Trading Post (Rules posted).  You are welcome to come in costume, bring your stuffies, etc.   Participation is at the partcipants’ own pace and comfort level. We are a chill space with no expectations.  Just a place to make friends and mingle on your own terms.

Pokemon Club allows card trading only with parental/guardian permission.  Please determine ahead of time if the youth participant will engage in Pokemon card sharing/trading and if there are limits/rules regarding this.  It is natural for kids to want to get the “best” cards and some participants may still be learning concepts such as a “fair trade.”  Be mindful of these things so no feelings get hurt.  Having cards or trading cards in an optional activity and not at all a required or expected activity.

The room we are permitted to use is ABSOLUTELY NUT FREE.  Do not bring any snacks that have nuts and wash your hands before coming if you have handled any nuts.  

Pokemon Club is generously funded by AutismBC Social Club Program and the space is donated in kind by the PAFN.  

If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out!   Contact Tila Pelletier at [email protected]

If you wish to register as a volunteer, please also contact Tila Pelletier at [email protected].

We look very much forward to seeing you at the club!

Photos may be taken at the Pokemon Club by the organizers/volunteers and may be used by the club, AutismBC or PAFN promotional materials, or grant funding applications.  

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