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Sensory-Friendly Shopping Time

Aug 3rd, 2020

Did you know that many grocery stores across the province have stepped up to provide “Sensory-Friendly Shopping?”  

During these times, stores work to limit the sensory stimuli within the store environment. Changes vary from store-to-store, but often include: 

  • Reduced lighting 
  • Reduced announcements and altered music level
  • No cart collection 
  • Lower department noise 
  • Staff support throughout the store 

We will do our best to keep this post as updated as possible, but we know things can change. We encourage you to contact the stores directly for any further details and to please contact us here if you know of a store we are missing from our list. 

Dimmed grocery store to accommodate sensory-friendly shopping

Photo source: Global TV

Currently, these are the stores that have sensory-friendly shopping times:

Safeway Extra Willowbrook
6153 200 St, Langley City
Every other Friday starting March 29th, from 4 PM to 5 PM

Save On Foods Kerrisdale
6455 West Blvd, Vancouver
Thursdays, 3 PM – 5 PM

Thrifty’s Salt Spring Island
114 Purvis Ln
Sundays 9-10am
(250) 537-1522

Thrifty’s Port Place Nanaimo
650 South Terminal Avenue
Sundays 8-9pm
(250) 7292937

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