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Funding & Accessibility Services You Need to Know About!

January 10, 2024
Our team has compiled a list of some of the funding & accessibility services that we think you should know about.

Education Accessibility & Advocacy

June 20, 2023
I honestly thought that we had made it through the school system relatively unscathed. Ahhh…so naïve, I was!  Enter a new school and COVID-19  We […]

Autism Travel with Ange

July 10, 2023
At AutismBC, we listen to the voices of our members and try to learn from them. We have created a series of guest blogs to […]

Autism, Elopement, and Policing

May 18, 2023
These blogs contain opinions and lived experiences of the individual author, not necessarily those of AutismBC. We honour the opinions and lived experiences of the […]

Northern BC Autism Resources

February 21, 2024
AutismBC is a provincial organization with four regions: Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Interior, and Northern. Each region has its own Regional Coordinator to help local […]

Supporting Your Gender Diverse Child

May 18, 2023
My Self-Discovery Journey Mac: I initially came out in 2017 as something along the lines of gay, but I also knew that I was starting […]

Autism Glossary

June 16, 2023
Government Agencies MCFD: Ministry of Children & Family Development   CYSN: Children & Youth with Support Needs (branch of MCFD)     AIS: Autism Information Services   CLBC: Community Living BC   MoH: Ministry […]

A Mother’s Journey with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

June 20, 2023
I cannot remember a time when my mental health wasn’t impacted by OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I was an only child, but my OCD felt like a bratty invisible sibling, following me around relentlessly. The earliest experiences with OCD I can recall were in grade two. I remember […]

3 Tips to Become Stigma-Free around Mental Health

April 24, 2023
Hello! My name is Madeleine and I work for the Stigma-Free Society. We are a Canadian charity that aims to reduce stigmas of all kinds […]

Belinda Fries: Receiving a Diagnosis After Your Child

October 7, 2022
Do you prefer person-first or identity-first language? I identify as autistic. For me, being autistic is having a different brain, so I feel it through […]

Girls are Autistic too

May 18, 2023
We are going to talk about Autistic Women and Girls.  When you think of autism do girls and women come to mind? “Girls are less […]

Kenny Hoang: A Heartbreaking Story of Bullying

February 28, 2024
Do you prefer person first or identity-first language? When did you get an autism assessment? I prefer Person-first language. I got my autism assessment in […]
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