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Autistic Adults

Autism Diagnosis for Adults

April 11, 2024
Currently, in BC, there are no publicly funded systems for adults that are specifically designed to diagnose autism. So finding an appropriate pathway to support can be challenging.

From Anxiety and ADHD to Autism with Julia Mitchell

March 3, 2023
From Anxiety and ADHD to Autism I refer to myself interchangeably (I have autism / I am autistic); however, I prefer it when other people […]

Support Their Future: Jenny Story

December 19, 2022
This season, please give to the AutismBC Support Their Future Fund to help empower, support, and connect the autism community today.

Meeting Sensory Needs During the Holidays

November 9, 2022
Lisa Watson is a Regional Coordinator with AutismBC and a parent of an autistic child. Jake Anthony is an adult on the autism spectrum.  Plan […]

Tips for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children

October 6, 2022
Being the parent of a newly diagnosed autistic child can be overwhelming, to say the least. The road that lies ahead is uncertain, daunting, and […]

Childhood diagnosis and autistic adulthood with Elli Sy

March 3, 2023
From Diagnosis to Now Getting a childhood diagnosis and growing into adulthood can be challenging for autistic people. Here’s my experience with the process. My […]

How do I support my adult autistic friend whose mental health is on a decline?

May 18, 2023
One of my friends is an autistic adult. Their mental health has declined over the last few months as a result of increased isolation. I […]

Our Big Blog About Books

November 23, 2023
For Autistic Adults Autistics Recommend: Books on Autism  Books about Autistic Women and Girls  But You Don’t Look Autistic at All – Toeps, Bianca, MacCorquodale-Smith, […]

Advocacy Support in BC

June 20, 2023
At AutismBC, our Resource Team is here to connect you to region specific community supports and other organizations that provide support and help meet your needs. When the AutismBC Resource Team is asked about complex needs, we provide relevant resources and then direct you onto an external advocacy and […]

How do I get an emotional support dog?

October 6, 2022
“I am interested in getting an emotional support or therapy dog but I don’t know the difference. How do I know which one is best […]

Facing Ableism in the School System

October 6, 2022
Facing Ableism in the School System My name is Cole Lawrence and I prefer identity-first language like autistic person. I was diagnosed with autism at […]

Helpful and Unhelpful School Experiences

December 19, 2022
Content Warning: Bullying, school system, mental health School can be a challenging place, especially when those around you don’t take the time to understand your […]
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